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April 06, 2020

April Updates

6 April 2020

✨ Improvements:

  • Your Goal now saves your changes when you click directly from one Goal's sidebar to another
  • We removed that slightly pesky 'Last Login' pop-up, which would appear every time you logged in

🐛 Bugs we fixed:

  • Cloning was not working for Goals that had auto-calculate target switched on
  • When cloning a Goal, it appeared as if sub-goals were also being cloned when you were not selecting "clone aligned Goals"
  • Goal Hub was not accepting decimal point values for your target and initial
  • It was also not letting you have a negative initial or target values!
  • Drop-down menus were getting cut off if they were sitting at the bottom of the custom fields list in the Goal Hub
  • And some Drop-downs were displaying behind the text of other fields

24th April 2020

🔨 Improvements:

  • Our live chat support button has moved to the top-right of your screen to make room for our sidebar features. It will still expand from the bottom-right, and function in the same way! So don’t worry about losing the chat if you need to close it while you are talking to us 💬

  • Your goal title length will now respond to your Planner page size! This means you'll be able to view more details of your goal's title if there is room for it on your screen 🧐
  • We’ve created a webhook for a zap that tracks which users have been enabled and disabled. This helps in figuring out exactly what users you are being charged for when you receive a new user invoice
  • The performance of Snapshots when generating the ‘Historic Completion’ column has been optimized

🐞 Bugs fixed:

  • A delete icon that didn’t do anything when it was clicked has been removed from Dashboards 🚮
  • Aaaaaand last but not least, certain characters & formats didn’t translate properly when we converted  ‘goal types’ into custom fields on Templates
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