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July 21, 2019

July Updates

22 July, 2019

  • If you signed up for Cascade in the past few weeks the goals bulk upload page wasn't showing.. now it is!
  • The animations on the more info icon on the widget page and the start tab of the goal designer were a little strange, we've now made them less strange.
  • The word that displayed on the side of the focus areas wasn't very generous with the characters it displayed. We have changed that now so more of your word will display. 
  • When you clicked the actions button on the planner it always had a spinner whilst it loaded your exports. This  was annoying - so now it only spins if you click on the export.
  • Sometimes when you added a new user to your subscription, the amount of money that displayed would be the total cost and other times the incremental cost. This was inconsistent,  so now it will always show the incremental cost.

5 July, 2019

  • We've added a new 'Plan' column in Snapshots so that you can see which plan your goals contribute to at a glance.

  • Sorting by 'Owner' in Snapshots was sorting by user's ID which obviously no one cares about. It is now fixed and sorting by goal owner's names alphabetically (i.e how you would expect it to behave.)
  • If you've noticed a small display error when setting up your drop down attributes, it's now fixed.
  • Options shifting when you nest your attributes options is now fixed.
  • Nothing happened when you hit the CSV export button on Engage page no matter how hard you pressed it - it is working now.

Jagat Prajapati
Senior Developer
Celin Sebastian

Faisal Syed
Santosh Prajapati

Nicole Wang
Product Manager
Jane Clinton
Product Manager

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