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June 30, 2019

June Updates

21 June, 2019

  • An error popped up when accessing the Settings > Integration page.  It now looks sexier than before and also works.
  • We've fixed the issue with saving dynamic drop down attributes in your updates or risks templates. 
  • If you had a number attribute with a unit and empty value, it was displaying a weird text string instead of an empty value. This is now fixed and the attribute should be showing empty again.

14 June, 2019

  • There was a very rare case where you can align a goal to itself with drag and drop on the planner which can cause your browser to freeze and crash. If anyone has experienced this, we are sorry for crashing your browser.
  • Archived users were showing up in the template access control 'share with specific user' list. We should have known that no one really cares about archived users so they should no longer show in your list.
  • Heat map widget was showing 'NaN' as value when dealing with large number of records. This widget can process a lot more data now.

Jagat Prajapati
Senior Developer
Celin Sebastian

Faisal Syed
Jane Clinton
Product Manager

Nicole Wang
Product Manager

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