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August 02, 2021

August Updates

2 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Snapshots now show the correct font colour, making it easier to read your plan's progress 📸
  • The Goal or Focus Area selector in Widgets configuration panel will now display your options on the same line ⚙️

3 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Your Workboard will now still load even after someone on your Team's role is deleted.
  • Workboard's were also showing everyone's goals from your entire organization when the 'My Team' selection filter was cleared. It will now clear who you have selected and go back to showing all the goals for everyone listed in your team.
  • 'My Team' on Workboard can now be saved with no one selected. This allows you to show all the goals in your account because nobody should work alone on their strategy! 👯
  • Opening the Goal Sidebar from a full-page Goal Hub view will now display correctly.
  • Goal titles in languages reading from right to left will now display correctly on the Planner when the goal has a set target metric.
  • We've made the search less jumpy, so you can look up what you need to with more ease 👀
  • There was also an update that has fixed a few email issues allowing for reminder and summary digest emails to now sending correctly 📧

6 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the overlapping issue caused by the 'optional' tag on custom fields.

13 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Snapshots can now include the Historic Completion column 🕦
  • Updates, tasks and risks can now be saved after adding a file attachment 📎

17 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the issues with CSV download in Snapshots and Bulk uploader template

  • We now accept user emails with apostrophe’s in them

  • Fixed the column overlapping Issue on risks attributes in Snapshots

19 August

🐞Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the issue where the Snapshots PDF export sometimes includes status colors even though it's not configured in the report.
  • If you have unappointed task owner in your Snapshots, it won't block you from exporting your report to CSV anymore.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes users can land on a blank screen when sign in from SSO
  • If you've experienced trouble deleting weight from the Customize Field settings, it should allow you to delete now.

Kate Eager
Product Manager
Matthew Oh

Tony Vu
Senior Developer

Marcio Duarte
Product Manager
Eddy Chou
Senior Developer
Liam Ly
Senior Developer

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